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Decorative slats

A composite fence, in its simplest form, comprises a stack of composite slats, used to form full, completely openwork panels. The idea is that a composite fence is visually very uniform and coherent, as well as being ideally suited to a wide variety of uses. But it may be that your customers would like a little customisation, a little something to brighten up their fence. It is here that decorative slats come into play.

For a fence with laser cutting

Unlike composite or aluminium boards, decorative slats are very fine and are installed using framework kits to hold them in place. Different styles are available, with different cut-out designs. From simple horizontal stripes to a multitude of randomly scattered geometric shapes, your customers will be able to add a welcome variety to their composite fencing.

To ring the changes, Gardenode regularly renews its laser-cut designs. New designs are available, ensuring a range of fencing that is increasingly diverse and aesthetic!

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