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Composite wood fencing

Opt for the durability and aesthetics of our composite fencing.

Composite fencing is Gardenode's core product. A complete product range, uncompromising and constantly updated, combining the security of a rigid fence with the privacy of a solid fence. Perfectly embodying the modernity of the best contemporary fences, the composite panel uses a system of composite slats which are stacked one on top of another, ensuring safe and simple installation for your customers.

Composite fencing, the best solution for your customers

Unlike a rigid panel fence, openwork by default, a composite fence is composed of "solid" spans: These are completely opaque, thanks to the slat stacking system, which does not let any gaps show between the slats. A composite panel is therefore 100% screening.

In addition to the screening capacities of the fence itself, the composite material that makes up the panels offers your customers a whole range of qualities: Robustness and elegance, as well as a certain freedom in terms of maintenance. Composite fencing does not require much maintenance and simply wiping it with a damp cloth is sufficient to freshen it up.

A complete ecosystem for each composite fence

In the early days of composite fencing, we only had the essentials for installing a simple fence: Slats for making up the composite panels, posts and a handful of accessories.

Since then, Gardenode has significantly expanded its range of composite fencing in a variety of ways, offering new products focused more on aesthetics, such as decorative aluminium slats, and other elements designed to be effective and functional, such as adjusting shims for more atypical installations.

As a whole, and even taking account of all the accessories that have been added to the range, Gardenode makes composite fencing a model of accessibility and simplicity. Thanks to different installation blocks and rails, installing a fence has never been easier. And to make sure you don't forget anything, Gardenode has its own configurator for automating calculation of the product quantities you need to buy, so that you can place your order without mistakes!

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