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Aluminium posts

Each composite panel firstly consists of composite slats, but also and most importantly of aluminium posts, which form the basis of the structure of a composite fence. These posts are divided into two categories: ELYTE posts and COST posts. Each of these styles comes with its own characteristics, although their purpose remains the same: to offer your customers the most durable and aesthetic composite fencing possible.

Two ranges of aluminium posts for strong and durable installation

An aluminium fence post is distinguished above all by its simplicity. This is one of the hallmarks of Gardenode's composite range: all of the elements can be mixed without needing to worry about the coherence of the finished project, as everything is designed with the same emphasis on modernity and elegance. Aluminium posts are no exception to the rule, and the COST and ELYTE styles both have a minimalist and appealing design.

Where the two models are really differentiated is in their sturdiness, or their section. The ELYTE aluminium post, unmistakably more high-end, is widest, at 80mm. Its dense internal structure makes it most resistant to different climatic conditions, despite the increased wind factor of a solid fence.

The COST post, the more cost-effective version of the aluminium fence post, has smaller dimensions, at 60 and 65mm. This compromise means it can offer more favourable pricing, giving your customers the option of a more affordable composite fence. Other details differentiate the two aluminium posts, such as compatible accessories or the possibility of “closing” the post using clips.

Different accessories according to the aluminium fence post chosen

While Gardenode's composite fence is recognised for the compatibility of its different accessories, there are a few characteristics specific to each post. Some accessories are for use with the ELYTE aluminium post only, such as the installation blocks or finishing clips. The bottom sections are also different and must be selected depending on the aluminium fence posts chosen! Please use our configurator to make sure you don't forget anything.

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