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Artifical foliage

If it is possible to choose a solid fence for a first-time installation, most fences are made of rigid wire mesh. This is the default solution, visually very cohesive, sturdy enough to secure most gardens and often capable of accommodating screening. A wide range of privacy screens are available, wood, composite or artificial vegetation. The latter category is suitable for both greenery enthusiasts and those in search of effective and original screening solutions!

Artificial screen with a natural look

Artificial foliage screening is divided into two categories: artificial hedges and living walls. Different in their presentation, these two solutions also differ slightly in their use. The artificial hedge, available in two densities (90 and 129 strands), and unrolled along a rigid fence, tends to be used for screening, in the same way as wood or composite privacy slats. Conversely, the function of living walls is to decorate, as they can be installed on both rigid fences and on simple walls. In addition, these living walls are available in a number of different versions.

Your customers can choose a tropical or continental ambience, with fern or morning glory motifs.

All of our artificial foliage is made of PVC, guaranteeing that artificial hedges and living walls have a longer lifetime in comparison to natural foliage. Maintenance is minimal and PVC is resistant to both water and UV.

Artificial foliage as an alternative to traditional screening

Artificial foliage and slats (or solid fencing) do not target the same clientele. Composite slats (and wood slats, to a lesser extent) slats tend to attract customers looking for simplicity and modernity, whereas the artificial screen appeals more to customers looking for a hint of exoticism, to extend the greenery of a flourishing garden to their fencing, for example. These screening solutions are visually richer, more colourful, and therefore inevitably less common in cities.

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