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Wood fencing and screening

Of all the materials available for your fencing, whether natural or synthetic, none can match the authenticity of wood. This is why, despite the many advantages and innovations that other materials can bring, wood remains very popular for fencing, for both the installation of solid fencing (with whole wood panels) and wood slat privacy kits.

Wood fencing and screens, the authentic solution

Even though composite is fashionable and aluminium is a model of robustness, wood remains a safe bet for fencing, primarily for aesthetic reasons. No other material can rival the authenticity of wood, its special feel, its sometimes rough, sometimes polished appearance. Better still, unlike other materials, wood is a material that lives and evolves over time. Your wood palisade will change over time without deteriorating, but as part of a natural process. The wood screen is of the same calibre, in both normal and the XL version with slats 21mm thick.

All of our wood products, wood fencing and privacy kits benefit from the expertise and finishing of Gardenode and its teams. Each product is autoclave-treated class III for outdoor use and is available in a variety of different height configurations. The wood privacy screen kits share the same slat structure, even if their installation shows certain differences. The slats vary in thickness depending on the wood screen selected and your customers can choose the screening product most suitable for them, in terms of both style and budget.

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