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Aluminium fencing

In addition to the composite range, our slatted fencing is also available in aluminium, in the same form but with a material that is even more rigid, more solid, more durable and equally modern. The system is similar, once again you create a span of slats, aluminium this time, by assembling them one on top of another, between two posts which are also aluminium. The accessories are the same, and the composite and aluminium ranges are compatible with each other: the aluminium fencing is actually a beautiful complement to our composite range.

Aluminium, a material with many different qualities

Aluminium gives your fencing unmatched rigidity. Unlike composite, an aluminium fencing kit does not need to be reinforced by steel components. Its structure is such that the slats themselves are sufficient to hold your fencing for many years, without any problem.

However, they share a certain modernity of appearance. Composite and aluminium are both very simple materials, with no unnecessary frills. This means they are in line with urban planning standards and current trends.

It is also possible to mix composite and aluminium in the same span, since their form is identical. You can install or offer your customers more original systems, as all the related products in our composite range are compatible with our aluminium fencing.

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